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tamsui (淡水)

Tamsui is an old town named after its neighboring river, “Tamsui River”, and is famous for its historical heritage. The area connected by Fort San Domingo, the Old Street and the Tamsui River band nowadays is a popular tourist attraction, and has brought stream of people on holidays. They together vitalize and foster the development of this district. Today, we’ll introduce the hottest local goods on the Old Street. We start with this specially goods, the roasted eggs. Vendors used quail’s eggs, some would add Whitebait in the eggs as well. The next one is the brown tofu stuffed with thin bean. People eat it with broth and sauce made of a fermented product, sometimes coupled with the fish ball soup. This is how iron eggs are made. They are boiled with soy sauce for hours and dried with fanners. Repeat this procedure for one week. There are several stores selling other special goods. So here comes the famous one, and… as we arrive a 4pm, the Fried Fish Crackers are already sold out… What a shame! We smell some strong odor, and we see the line before the vendor. Yep, the stinky tofu! People barbecue the stinky tofu here, the more the sauce is, the richer the taste! Do not hesitate to try!  Taiwanese fruits are internationally acclaimed. Mmm…, some tomatoes and guavas.

Also, all kinds of juice and fresh fruit milk are already at the side. Some fried squid here if you would like some seafood. Chinese sausages are made of two kinds of sausages. The outside half-sliced one is stuffed with glutinous rice, and the Chinese sausage is in-between. Again, side products of fresh fruits are easy to get. Tomatoes on sticks…, well some are strawberries or other kinds of fruits. There is another lineup. It’s hot baked pineapple bun with cold butter. The butter will slightly melt because of the heat of the bread. And that’s why people love it.  Oh wait, a strong instant coffee smell strikes me. The man is curing coffee beans. All kinds of beans are displayed and some decoration at the store. The oldest temple in Tamsui, Fuyou Temple. Along up the stairs is the Red Castle, now is known as a restaurant with good viewing and historical ambience. Here comes a long queue, let’s check it out. It’s the traditional cake! With strong sweet smells. Since the tourists crowd into this area for sightseeing, a regular procedure has been viewed as a performance. People around me videotaped it. Now at the end of the Old Street, a little alley will take us to the Hobe Mackay Hospital. Which is the earliest western hospital in Taiwan launched by Dr. Mackay. Next to the hospital is the Tamsui Church. Soon after some of his followers were baptized, he established a church at the rented location.  On holidays, you might meet some creative artists on the street. Beside from praising the artist, don’t forget to bestow some money to the young performer.  After all the hustle and bustle of the Old Street, we are now heading to the river side. That’s famous for its viewing, especially the sunsets. Okay, couples one two three four, and of course, beautiful view with the sunset. Unluckily we didn’t capture the scene. It depends on the weather. And Tamsui is at the northern Taiwan, it is heavily influenced by the monsoon. Speaking of the vitalization of this little town, food with a show putting on is probably a good idea. This man has drawn such an attention from the tourists ever since he opened the shop decades ago. People in this long line at the dock are hoping to continue their adventures across the river, but I am going to say goodbye to you. After introducing the famous snacks, it’s time to savor a proper supper.

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Google Map: Tamsui
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