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tonghua Night Market (通化夜市)

Tong Hua Night Market has been a popular hangout in Taipei. What renders it distinctive, in addition to appetizing foods for sure, is its ‘even the late nights are better’(越晚越美麗). Despite being in the vicinity of Taipei 101and East District, this night market was far from accessible in the past. A walk from the nearest MRT station, Taipei City Hall Station, to this night market is approximately 30 minutes distant. Thus, outsiders hardly experienced the delights of the hustle and bustle of the night market. Thanks to the completion of Xinyi Line last year, one is able to reach this night market simply by getting off at Xinyi Anhe Station, Xinyi Line, which is 5 minutes’ walk away from the night market. The reason why I want to introduce this night market in this video is due to a variety of delectable foods and myriads of gadgets which can be found there. In this video, I recommend four kinds of food to my taste, including Korean Squid Thick Rice Noodles (韓式魷魚羹米粉), Taiwanese fried fruits (台式炸物), such as fried sweet potatoes, and fried garlic chives, Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐), Jiufen Taro Balls (九份芋圓), and a milk tea shop I accidentally found while shooting this video. Moreover, due to its being located in the center of business areas, salarymen, particularly those of whom do not get off work until 11:00 pm, make it a rule to stuff themselves with foods or snacks in this night market before going home. Thus, some ‘secret delicious foods’ won’t be spotted until mid-night. I will leave it for you to explore. Another reason why this night market leaves me a profound impression is that it reminds me of my internship at Sheraton Hotel, which has been my happiest time in my life so far, whenever I visit it. Back to that time, I usually had delicious midnight snacks with other interns there after work at midnight, and had a non-stop talk with them until the sunrise. I strongly recommend that everyone should give this night market a try, and will enjoy its ‘even the late nights are better’.



鄭偉成 Wei-Cherng Sam Jheng




Google Map: Tonghua Night Market
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