A. General Introduction (Ref.)

1. Kenneth Chi How to Prepare for TOEFL? (2007/4/18)

2. From ETS: TOEFLiBT at a Glance, TOEFL Tips, Speaking Rubrics, Writing Rubrics, Writing Sample Responses

B. TOEFL and Self-Learning

1. Reading

Wen-ling Su

TOEFL iBT: Reading Strategies
Lecture Outline, Sample Test, Test-Taking Strategies with Samples)

Video Lecture

2. Self-Learning Resources on Campus and Tools

Kate Liu

  1. Online Self-Learning Center and Self-Learning Web (test no: steacher; 12345); 與會話小老師預約
  2. 留學資訊與考試準備TERC; 簡短說明完整簡報其他說明
  3. 語言自學室 Self-Learning Room (LB001, LB003) at the College of Foreign Languages-- Schedule and the list of English-Learning software
  4. Timer for practice.

3. Writing and Speaking

Kevin Chen & Evelyn Sung

TOEFL iBT Writing and a Self-Learning Course

(Kevin) Video Lecture (Evelyn) Video Lecture

Cathy Chang

TOEFL iBT Speaking: Introduction and Samples 1, 2

Practice or Q&A