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Q:Engsite Entrance: What should I do if I forget my password?
A:On the Engsite homepage, please click “Forget Pwd” button. Fill-in your registered username and email address and then, the system will email you the password.
Q:Selecting courses: After I login, what should I do?
A:First, you need to select the course you want to take. Please see Course List.
Second, if the course status is active, you need to click “Application” box and press the “Submit” button to wait for teacher’s approval.
Q:How do I read and download reading materials and upload assignments?
A:Please see the manual for students:
The relevant chapters are Chapter 3-3.5 and Chapter 3-4.1.
Q:Assignment: Why can’t I upload my assignment? Or why can’t teacher download my assignment?
A:The reasons you can’t upload your assignment are as follows:
1. The size of your file is too big, or the file’s name is too long. Please don’t punctuate your filename (for example, “composition.paper.doc” is not a legitimate file name). Don’t put “dots” in-between your filename.
2. The filename extension that the teacher set up for that assignment is incorrect. lease contact your course teacher or TAs.
The reasons why teacher can’t download your assignment are as followed:
1. Your name is unique so that we must create a new character for you
2. The wrong filename extension (See the explanation no. 2 above)
Q:Acrobat Reader: Open and read Acrobat file.
Q:Media Player: Watch multimedia file.
Q:Assignment: Why can’t I upload my multimedia assignment?
A:1. The size of your multimedia file is too big. Please use “media encoder” to compress your file size.
2. The size of your picture file is too big. Please use Microsoft Paint or other software to re-assign the file size or change the filename extension into jpg file, and then save the file under another name.
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