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No. Course Titles Teacher
1 語測聽讀TOEIC (106暑) 李桂芬Gretchen Lee
2 Introduction to English/Chinese Two-way Translation (中英雙向翻譯入門)_107 Summer Carol Liu (劉子瑄)
3 AIEDL (Summer 2018) 英文商業書信_網 Kevin Yao
4 AIEDL (Summer 2018) Thematic Reading and Writing 主題式閱讀與寫作 陳奏賢
5 AIEDL (Summer 18) 外國語文(商務聽力與會話-半網) Dr. Hsin-Hsin Cindy Lee (李欣欣)
6 (外國語文)基礎應用英文-網 106-2 Gretchen Lee (李桂芬)
7 AIEDL (Spring 2018) Reading US Culture 閱讀美國文化 陳奏賢
8 2018S 英語基礎寫作 Emile Lin
9 2018S_Global Imaginaries and History: Contemporary Canadian Women*s Fiction Kate Liu
10 2018S_Cross Cultural Communication: Global Understanding Project Doris Shih
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