(Make a reservation by phone)

Clerk: Hello, this is Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel.May I help you?

Nicola: Yes, I’d like to make reservations for the Christmas Eve, December 24.

C: O.K.What kinds of room would you like?

N: I’d like a double room.

C: Sorry, but they are all booked up.Would you mind having a triple room?

N: How much is it?

C: 6000 NT dollars a night.

N: O.K.I’ll take it.

C: What is the name, please?

N: Nicola, Collins.

C: What time will you arrive?

N: We plan to be there around 6:00 in the evening.

C: Great! We’ll have your room ready.If you’re not able to make it, please let us know in advance, we’ll hold the room for you.

N: Sure, we will.Thanks.



Vocabulary & Expressions:

make reservations


triple room


booked up


double room


Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel