Good Chats by Lynne Sandsberry and Paul Sorenson

Situations by Walter Matreyek

Pot-Luck Party

-- Before the party (Invite in a supermarket)

Christine: Hi, Nicola.

Nicola: Hello, Christine.

C: I’m glad to see you. We are going to have a party at my house tonight. Would you like to come?

N: Sure, I would love to.

C: Great! Oh, by the way, everyone would bring some food to share with each other. It’s a potluck party.

N: No problem. I can buy some stuff here to make a dish. When is the party?

C: Around 7:00.See you then.

N: O.K.


-- At the party

N: Hi, Christine.

C: Nicola! Glad you could come.

N: The pleasure is mine. Thanks for inviting me. Here’s something for everyone.

C: Wow! They look great. What are they?

N: Boiled dumplings and sweet and sour soup. I have a crush on Chinese cuisine lately.

C: You do? Umm….You must be a great cook! They taste amazingly good.

N: I have a lot of failures before. By now, Chinese good is my specialty.

C: I have no doubt on it. I love them. Please help yourself to those dishes on the table, too.

N: Thank you.

Vocabulary & Expressions:

potluck party


sweet and sour soup




have a crush on …


boiled dumplings


Chinese cuisine