Answer Keys (The linked sounds are marked in red.)

Front Desk: Hereˇ¦s_your credit card. Ms. Rodriguez, and your room key.

Rodriguez:  Thank_you.

Front Desk: This_is your room charge card. Youˇ¦ll need this if_you charge anything in the restaurant or lobby shops. Could you sign_it here?

Rodriguez:  OK.

Front Desk: Right. Your room is_on the seventh floor. The bell captain will take_your bags_up to your room.

Rodriguez: Thank_you. Oh, is the restaurant still serving lunch?

Front Desk: Our main restaurant closes_at two-thirty, but you can get something to eat in the All-Day Coffee Shop. Itˇ¦s located across the lobby.

Rodriguez: Thank_you very much.

Front Desk: youˇ¦re very welcome. Enjoy your stay with_us.