Idiom Quiz

1. When it comes to car engines, I’m . I don’t understand the first thing about them.

2. Just think! I’ve been looking for my keys for hours and they were in the door lock .

3. Mr. Marks seems to be a dangerous man, but take it from me, . At heart, he’s really quite nice.

4. The other day I got in my best dress, and my date had to cancel at the last minute!

5. Whenever I see my Uncle Pete, he always greets me with .

6. In my college, it was traditional to have honors ceremony three days before graduation.

7. The people upstairs have just had a baby. It’s nice news, but it’s listening to the baby’s cries all night and all day.

8. If you have any ideas for refreshments at the dance, I’m . I could use the help!

9. My grandmother was the world’s worst . I stopped driving her around last year because of it!

10. My teacher is a real . Yesterday she spent 5 minutes looking for her glasses and they were on top of her head.

11. As we reached the elevator together, Kenny gallantly bowed and said, .

12. After he graduated university, Dan did in the Peace Corps.

13. It’s a real today. The temperature went up to 39 degrees!

14. Before I invest in this company, I’d like to research it, to make sure that it’s . There have been some illegal companies in the past, so we must be careful.

15. Although my grandfather is , he shows us how he feels about us through his everyday actions of love.

16. My son’s goal for the coming school year is to find . Almost all the other kids in his class are dating already.

17. An old-fashioned slang way of saying good-bye is . The proper response to this is .

18. My brother is such a . Just because we made a lot of noise in the pool, he made all of us get out and stop playing.

19. Have you seen Paul’s new Porsche? It’s a real !

20. Ladies and Gentlemen, : “To the bride and groom!”