Idiom Quiz

1. Mary thinks that she might have to go to Chicago to change planes, but that’s not . Sometimes that route flies into New York instead.

2. If you shop on E-bay, I’m sure you can find . It’s the world’s largest market community.

3. Would I like to go to the amusement park? ! I’ve been wanting to go all summer.

4. It scares me to climb heights, but for the construction workers on the new sky-scraper, it’s to be 100 stories high.

5. We were pleased at the for the book sale. We made NT$10,000!

6. It looks like rain, but I’m going to hang out my laundry .

7. I needed a lawyer after my accident, but I certainly didn’t want to hire one of the who hounded me at the hospital.

8. When I was a babysitter, I used to get babies to clean their plates by putting a full spoon in their mouths, then taking it out and crying in a silly voice.

9. I would love to do embroidery, but it never looks right because I’m .

10. I hate the after-Christmas sales at the mall. It feels like is out shopping that day.

11. I swear that Steven must have as he never sits still for a minute.

12. If it’s to you, I think I would like to go to the Italian restaurant tonight instead of the Spanish restaurant.

13. We were supposed to go to the movies tonight, but , we’re stopping at Burger King first!

14. In the autumn we have leaves our front lawn from the six birch trees out there.

15. Even though I don’t think that Daniel Radcliffe looks like my idea of Harry Potter, I think that the movies are very good adaptations of the books.

16. My brother thinks that if you want to impress a girl, is cook her dinner.

17. After painting the house today in the high heat, I am feeling .

18. If you want to go to the pool tonight after class, I’m . I definitely need the exercise!

19. I love the character Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter books. She acts like she’s not , but she’s really very intelligent.