Idiom Quiz

1. , there are no summer classes in Sweden. Summer is such a special time that no one wants to waste it going to school!

2. A penny saved is a penny earned, .

3. My friend Mary just loves to dance. She’s ready to go out the door .

4. My lab partner saw me before class and blurted out, “ with the lab report? I totally forgot about it!”

5. , I happened to have a rare book that my friend needed to complete his report.

6. I have a guest room that is while you’re in the States. Please come any time.

7. If you have trouble with your WORD program, help is . All you have to do is click on “help” on the tool bar.

8. When I started to look confused during Ted’s presentation, he stopped and asked .

9. When school ends in the summer I usually find myself , but usually by mid-July I have a packed schedule.

10. When Judy told me that Professor Jones was a tough teacher, I told her, “! I had to spend five hours a week on homework!”

11. I told my secretary that what is is whether or not I could trust her after I heard her telling her friends confidential office news.

12. Whenever you need help with your English language skills, I am at issue .

13. I revised my filing system, so now the information I need is .

14. My ex-boyfriend decided to buy himself some new clothes when he found my bank card in his car. That’s why he’s my ex-boyfriend!

15. Sue and Sandy are with each other today, which is rare as they are twins. Usually they get along very well.

16. My dog ran away today, and until he was found, I was . He is very stupid when it comes to roads.

17. Joe was sitting on his bed, daydreaming about his upcoming vacation when his mother shouted . That made him realize that he’d better start right away!

18. I have to get high marks on the GCEE. There is so much .

19. This car seemed like a good deal , but when he looked at the gas mileage, he realized that it would be quite expensive to run.

20. Do I want to go to Disney World? ? That’s been my dream for years! (are you kidding)