Fill in the blanks with an idiom from this unit’s selections.

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1. My sister has to stay home from school until the doctors give her­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ .
2. Whenever Mary goes to the pet store she
­­­ for the kittens as they are her favorite animals.
3. I haven’t seen John . It must have been at least ten years ago since we last met.
4. My father doesn’t approve of children watching the . He says it rots our minds.
5. The boys were in the tree house when they got too rough and Tim fell out and broke his arm. That’s why mom’s are forever warning against horsing around. (same phrase twice)
6. I was just going to suggest going to see Batman Begins when June and said it first.
7. I think life is so unfair! My brother can , but if I even look at cookies, I gain two kilos!
8. When we got to her house, Karen said she’d be ready but it took her a good 2o minutes to finish getting dressed!
9. One thing my extended family really likes to do when we’re all together is to sit and , catching up on all the news. We really are a bunch of talkers!
10. Sally, I can’t believe it! When I went to the snack bar just now, I could have sworn that Tommy was me. I didn’t even think he knew I existed. I hope he comes and talks to me later!
11. If Tommy asks me to the school dance, I’ll say yes . He’s so cute!
12. I hate to tell you this, but Tommy’s old girlfriend Louisa has noticed he’s looking at you. And , you’d be in big trouble!
13. If you’d only you’d be able to figure out this math problem. It’s not that difficult!
14. I really enjoy parasailing, but it’s so expensive, I can only afford to go .
15. I had been working on my paper for days when I realized that I had made a major flaw in my reasoning. All of a sudden it was and I had to start again almost from the beginning. How discouraging!
16. I’m going to get Matt to help me with my French homework. He used to live in Paris, so he can do it . He’s so lucky to have lived in foreign countries.
17. My grandmother is so easy to tease that it’s like . Mom tells me to stop, but Grandmother can be so gullible that I can’t help myself.
18. Oh! I wish that jack hammering would stop! The noise is really me. I can’t stand it!
19. Let’s pick up John and go to the beach. We can and even have a barbecue before we come home.
20. Joe has to do a paper for his English lit class but he’s having a hard time thinking of a topic. But he’s good at it, so I’m sure he’ll .
21. I made popcorn for the first time and used the entire 250 grams of popcorn kernels. It didn’t look like a lot, but it sure made of popcorn. We must have had 20 liters!