1. Concepts

a. Overview ppt

b. Developing Intercultural Competence ppt

c. Teaching English as an International Language: An Intercultural Dimension ppt

d. Teaching Intercultural Competence: Case Studies ppt

e. Introducing Intercultural Content to Senior High English Class: An Example for Taiwanese Context ppt

2. Pedagogy

a. The 1st Year

1) Lesson Plan 1 doc

2) Lesson Plan 2 doc

3) Lesson Plan 3 doc

4) Lesson Plan 4 doc

b. The 2nd Year

1) Lesson Plan 5 doc

2) Lesson Plan 6 doc

3) Lesson Plan 7 doc

4) Lesson Plan 8 doc

3. Cultures

a. Texts

1) English as an Asian Language

2) What Is Intercultural Communication?

3) Who Cares about English Usage

4) Did You Know?

5) Business and Work

6) On Friendship

7) Colors, Perceptions & Taboos

b. Essays

1) Have a Good Cultural Trip in Taiwan

2) American Memorial Days

3) A Special Pub Culture in Britain

4) Driving in New Zealand

5) The German Wedding Tradition

(1~3 From Cultural Studies in English Language Teaching)


External Links

1. Links (Provided by Cultural Studies in English Language Teaching)