Idioms & Expressions

   General introduction.  *By Marguerite Connor

   Introduces you to the series of lessons.  Each lesson contains 20 idioms or proverbs used in context,

   their meanings and a self-test.


   Lesson one: General Proverbs. *By Marguerite Connor.

   Be introduced to general proverbs used by a lot of moms, so know by their kids!


   Lesson two: Idioms at school.   *By Marguerite Connor

   Follow Matt, Albin and Samantha as they discuss all the work they have to do for school and how they

   will deal with it.


   Lesson three: Idioms at work *By Marguerite Connor

   Diane, Kathy and Tom are discussing work.  Their conversation will introduce you to a number of

   idioms commonly used at work.


   Lesson four: Idioms at play*By Marguerite Connor  

   Matt, Amalia and Megan are planning a day of fun.  Follow their conversation to learn a bunch of fun



   Lesson five: American culture proverbs.  *By Marguerite Connor

   Learn some of the important proverbs that are used to teach American citizens our culture’s

   core values.


  Lesson six: Gossip at a pajama party.  *By Marguerite Connor

  Megan, Georgia and Mackenzie are enjoying a pajama party to celebrate the end of their summer



  Lesson seven: Chat at a gym.  *By Marguerite Connor

  Matt, Michael and George are three good friends who have spent a lot of time hanging out together over

  the summer.


  Lesson eight: Chat before a trip.  *By Marguerite Connor

  Rose and her brother John are getting ready to goon a trip to the New Jersey shore with their family.


  Lesson nine: Chat among old friends.  *By Marguerite Connor

   Late, Julie and Veronica are going to have dinner out together in a restaurant, but first they stopped at a

   cafe to decide where to go.


   Lesson ten: Dialogue on business.  *By Marguerite Connor

   Jamal, Mike, Shaniqua and Loretta work for an advertising agency, and they have a big presentation

   due at work in just two days.


                                                                                                                                       s@ Angela Wu