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Lesson Seven -- Chat at a Gym  

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all for it 完全同意

If people want more freedom of choice, then I'm all for it

all gone 消逝;丟失

I wanted to eat some ice cream, but when I looked, it was all gone.

all in 疲倦 You look all-in. Are you OK?
all in a day's work, be 司空見慣 A fancy dinner with a Hollywood celebrity is all in a day's work for this reporter
all in all 總而言之 All in all, it had been one of the most miserable days of Henry's life.
all out 全力以赴;全賣光了 Canada will have to go all out on the ice if they want to win.
all over 完了 They said they had cleaned up but there were bottles all over the place.
all the better 更好 She hopes to perform all the better this time.
all the same 雖然如此;並無分別 I'm not likely to run out of money, but all the same, I'm careful
all the world and his uncle人人;諸色人等 The government should guarantee human rights of all the world and his uncle. 
all there 神志清醒的;沒有問題的 Some of the things she said made me think she's not quite all there.
all thumbs 笨手笨腳的;一竅不通的 Can you thread this needle for me? I'm all thumbs.
turn out 如願以償 I was disappointed by the turn-out for our home match.
all you have to do 你只要

All you have to do is look at the building to see how much money it will take to repair.

always the case 常常如此

A Rainy day in winter is always the case in this city.

ambulance chaser 唯利是圖的低級律師 It's unfortunate for Mark to have that ambulance chaser in that case.
And how! 當然啦!

"Was Matt drunk?" "And how!"

ants in one's pants 坐立不安 Why do you look like there are ants in your pants? What's wrong?




  Michael  George           Matt

Matt, Michael and George are three good friends who have spent a lot of time hanging out together over the summer. Today they are at the gym, working out, and talking about the upcoming school year.

Matt: Keep working those weights, Michael. You have to go all out if you want to get those abs in shape in time for basketball season.

George: I don’t know about that—he’s looking all in if you ask me! 

Michael: It’s not that I’m tired, but I seem to be all thumbs today. I keep dropping things. Hm, I just might be tired after all.

George: I know what you mean. There are days when I feel like I’m all over the place. I get so tired that I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing. 

Matt: That’s always the case at this time of year. It’s so hot outside that it’s hard to feel strong. And the thought of school coming next week isn’t helping, either!

Michael: And how! I am just not ready for math and chemistry this year. And I’m taking my third year of French, as well. That’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.

George: Are you taking French, Matt?

Matt: Yeah, my mom said I have to.

Michael: Why? I thought you could speak it really well since you lived in France. 

Matt: That’s why my mom is making me. She doesn’t want me to lose my French. All in all, I wish I didn’t have to, but She Who Must Be Obeyed has spoken!

George: Well, if I could speak a foreign language already and my mom wanted me to take a class, I’d be all for it. That would be an easy grade.

Matt: Yes and no. Yes, because I know French. No because I get lazy and don’t want to do the homework. It’s boring doing drills when I know the stuff already.

Michael: I know. All you have to do is help me with my homework and do yours at the same time. That way you get the work done and I get help! I need it or I’ll never pass.

George: Hey, tell me about Peter’s party last week. I missed it because I had to go to my grandmother’s. How was the turn out?

Michael: Oh, wow! All the world and his uncle was there, I think. It was so crowded.

Matt: Yeah, by the time we got there, the food was all gone. There had been pizza and nachos, too, so was I mad!

Michael: But you should have seen all the cute girls who were there.

George: Oh, don’t tell me that!

Matt: Yeah, Susan was there. She’s cute, but sometimes when she talks, I wonder if she’s all there. She was telling me about the time she went UFO hunting with her Uncle Jon. She’s he’s a bit strange, too. 

Michael: All the same, she’s really pretty. And doesn’t her uncle have some really cool job.

Matt: Yeah, he’s a hoax buster for a television show. When people make claims about alien invasions and stuff, he goes and investigates. So I guess hunting for ETs is all in a day’s work for him.

George: That sounds all the better! She sounds like she might be pretty interesting.

Matt: Well, I’m thinking of calling her this week.

George: No wonder you’re working out so hard! All you have to do is keep up those exercises and she’ll be interested.

Matt: Oh, man, I don’t think she’s that interested, but anyway, it’s worth a try. 

Michael: You should have seen Matt dancing, George. He looked like he had ants in his pants!

George: He always looks like he has ants in his pants—he’s always twitching around.

Matt: Hey! I can’t help it if I have a lot of energy.

Michael: Speaking of high energy, did you hear about Mr. Smith, Tom’s dad?

George: You mean that old ambulance chaser? 

Michael: He’s a respected attorney, not some ambulance chaser! But he did the triathlon. Can you imagine? At his age! 

Matt: I don’t know why you’re surprised. He’s in this gym more than us. He’s in such good shape, I’m sure he could do anything under the sun.

George: You’re right. Hope we’re in as good shape when we’re his age. Hey, guys, you ready for the pool? 

Matt: Sure.

Michael: That sounds good.

George: Then let’s go!