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A back seat driver
"Mrs. William is a back seat driver. She always asks the driver to drive according to her will."

A big bear hug
"Paul gave me a big bear hug."

A bit trying
"Answering this math question is a bit trying for Tim."

A cap and gown
"Tami wears a cap and gown in her college graduation ceremony."

A knockout
"Tom’s girl friend is a knockout."

A man of few words
"We thought David is a man of few words. But actually he’s quite outgoing."

A rainy day
"You’re going to need that money for a rainy day."

A scorcher
"What a scorcher today! Let’s go swimming!"

A steady
"Joan has a steady."

A toast everyone
A toast everyone! Thanks for coming.”

A two-year hitch in the army
"He did a two-year hitch in the Army's 82d Airborne Division in the early 1960's."

A wet blanket
"I don't want to be a wet blanket, but you really must play your music more quietly or you'll disturb the people next door."

Above board
"If things are done above board, they are carried out in a legal and proper manner."

Abscence makes the heart grow fonder
"My boyfriend's going to South America and I won't see him in six months.""Ah well, absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Absent-minded professor
"John is so young yet he behaves like an absent-minded professor. He keeps forgetting to take his medicine."

See you later alligator & In a while crocodile
A: “I need to go home for now, will meet you in an hour.”
B: “See you later alligator!"
A: “In a while crocodile!

After you
“Do you need the copier?” “After you.”

All along
"Do you think he's been cheating us all along?"

All at sea
"I'm all at sea with this computer manual."

All bark and no bite
"I wouldn’t be scared of the boss if I were you. He’s all bark and no bite!"

All dressed up
"He went to the party all dressed up as a Chicago gangster."

All ears
"As soon as I mentioned money, Karen was all ears."

All for it
"If people want more freedom of choice, then I'm all for it."

All gone
"I turned round for my bag and it was all gone."

All in
"You look all-in. Are you OK?"

All in a day's work
"A fancy dinner with a Hollywood celebrity is all in a day's work for this reporter."

All in all
"All in all, it had been one of the most miserable days in Henry’s life."

All out
"Canada will have to go all out on the ice if they want to win."

All over
"They said they had cleaned up but there were bottles all over the place."

All right
"Your answers are all right. "

All set? & Not yet
“Is everything all set? What about the music?—is that all set?” “Not yet. Peter cannot find the CD player.”

All the better
"Since Malcolm isn’t coming home for dinner, it’s all the better for me as I don’t have to share my ice-cream with him."

All the same
"I’m not likely to run out of money, but I’m careful all the same."

All the world and his uncle
“We should avoid having dinner in Grand Hotel on Friday evening when all the world and his uncle seem to arrive at the same time. It will be very crowded!”

All there
"Some of the things she said made me think she's not quite all there."

All thumbs
"Can you thread this needle for me? I’m all thumbs."

All you have to do
"All you have to do is make a phone call to clarify the misunderstanding."

Always the case
"College students do not study hard except in Midterm and Final week. Isn’t it always the case with them?"

Ambulance chaser
"It’s unfortunate for Mark to have that ambulance chaser in that case."

An early bird
Early birds can get the best bargains in the January sales.”

And how!
“Was Matt drunk?” “And how!

"This idea probably won’t be OK, but let’s try it anyway."

Are you all packed?
"Are you all packed? It’s about time to set off."

Are you done?
"Are you done with your breakfast?"

Are you kidding?
"This lunch costs 10000NT dollars. Are you kidding?"

Are you with me?
"So that's how the system works. Are you with me?"

As a rule
"As a rule, most students finish their coursework by the end of May."

As luck would have it
"As luck would have it, my best friend is the most wonderful cook in the world."

As the saying goes
"You can't judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes."

At first blush
"His decision isn’t as odd as it may seem at first blush."

At hand
"Don’t worry. Help is at hand."

At issue
"The point at issue here is how accurately exam results reflect a student’s ability."

At loose ends
"He was at loose ends when their long-term relationship broke up."

At my expense
"Her mansion was refurnished at my expense."

At odds
"Briggs found himself at odds with his colleagues."

At one's fingertips
"Every fact and figure he needed was at his fingertips."

At one's service
"My secretary is at your service."

At one's wits end
"I've tried every possible source without success, and now I'm at my wit's end."

At sixes and sevens
"We just moved in yesterday. Our new place is still at sixes and sevens."

At stake
"They have to win the contract- thousands of jobs are at stake."

At the drop of a hat
"Some of these corporations threaten to sue at the drop of a hat."

At times
"At times I get so frustrated with my work, I just want to stop everything and quit."

At one’s disposal
"Tanner is at your disposal to deal with that problem."

Aware of
"The children are aware of the danger of taking drugs."

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